Wretched Ground

A hand crafted artist book, 2024.

Photographic and filmic investigations were carried out in response to the ecological situation around the city of Saint Louis, Senegal. The rising sea level as well as river floods threaten the city whose main part is located on an island that is protected towards the ocean by a sandy spit called the Langue de Barbarie. In 2003 a 4 m breach was opened in the sand spit with the intention to alleviate the issues, however, the breach has since extended to 6 km and caused major disturbances in the fragile ecosystems.

The project was initiated on a residency at Waaw in Saint Louis 2022.

Wretched Flesh
Wretched Body
Zircon Skin
Golden Remains
Intimate Strangers I
Oracles, Grievers and One-Eyed Poets

Lifelines of time drawn in the sand, essay by Taru Elfving