2012–14 Netherlands’ Film Academy, Amsterdam, MA
2004-05 Helsinki Open Univeristy, Film History
1998-99 University of Stockholm, Art Science
1992-95 Polytechnic of Applied Sciences, Nykarleby, Degree in Fine arts
1991-92 Art School of Liminka

Selected solo exhibitions and projects
2016 The dead walk side by side with the living, Gallery Huuto, Helsinki
2012 And other encounters, Vaasa City Art Gallery
2011 And other places, Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma
2011 Interim, MUU Studio, Helsinki
2009 Night Walk, Gallery Sinne, Helsinki
2002 Breakfast company, project behind the Mücsarnok, Budapest
2002 Dear friends, Galleria Kluuvi, Helsinki
2002 Silence, Galleri Verkligheten, Umeå, Sweden
2000 As far as it goes, Galería Sicart, Vilafranca, Spain

Selected group exhibitions, screenings
2020 Villa, Pohjanmaan Museo, Vaasa
2019 Privilege / Transkucku festival, Almin Talo, Loviisa
2018 Muurahaisten sota, Harakka island, Helsinki
2017 Signos da noite, Lissabon
2017 Festival Singes de nuit, Paris
2016 Condition of possibility, Eye, Amsterdam
2015 Berliner Liste, in a screening by BBK, Berlin
2015 Kinos festivaali, Lahtis. Distributed by Av-arkki.
2014 Femina International Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro. Distributed by Av-arkki.
2014 Nykarleby recall, Nykarleby City Hall Gallery / Cinema Scala
2014 Something to love (scenes from a moving picture), EYE, Amsterdam
2014 BBK screening, Kino Central, Berlin
2013 Loikka Dance Film Festival, Helsinki
2013 Focus Finlande, Télé Bocal, France. Distributed by Av-arkki.
2012 October Filmfest, Ritz, Vaasa, Finland
2012 10th International Festival Signes de Nuit, Paris. Distributed by Av-arkki.
2012 Reikäreuna elokuvafestivaali, Orivesi, Finland. Distributed by Av-arkki.
2012 36th Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt, Germany. Distributed by Av-arkki.
2012 Akbank Sanat 8th Short Film Festival, Istanbul. Distributed by Av-arkki.
2012 Culture Tram, org. Korjaamo, Helsinki. Distributed by Av-arkki
2012 Stadt(t)räume, Zum Kleinen Markgräflerhof der Stiftung Bartels Fondation, Basel
2011 Preview of Wald, Galerie Axel Obiger, Berlin
2011 To Have / To Own, Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Vaasa, Finland
2011 Suburban video Lounge, Rotterdam
2010 Word for word without words, curated by Domestic Research Society, Mestna Galerija, Ljubljana
2010 Ö, Elverket, Ekenäs
2009 Platform Parasite Art Event, CFL at Platform, Vasa
2008 Suomi Animoi! Helsingfors stads konstmuseum
2005 Österbotten Österbotten, Kunstverein Graz, Regensburg, Tyskland
2004 Cabinet du curiosité, Piano Nobile, Geneve
2003 ID, Platform/ Österbottens museum/ Konsthallen/ Tikanojas museum, Vasa
2003 Meeting place, vandringsutställning i de Nordiska och Baltiska länderna
2002 Ice cubes, Piano Nobile, Geneve
2002 Tanto por ciento, Domestico, Madrid
2001 Vostestaqui, La Virreina, Barcelona
2001 Talgo, PianoNobile, Geneve
2001 Evolve art, Utställning av digital konst, Madrid och Barcelona
2001 Dachterasse Museums Ludwig, Köln, org. by PLUS, Düsseldorf
2000 II Biennal de Vic, Vic, Spanien
2000 Studio Tram, Project in tram 3T, Helsinki
2000 Publicly, Camp, section of PhotoEspaña, Madrid

Recent grants, awards
2017 Swedish Cultural Foundation, One year working grant
2016 AVEK, Production grant
2016 Nygren Foundation, Production grant
2015 Arts Council of Finland, Five month working grant
2015 V.W Drygsbäck Foundation, Production grant
2015 Konstsamfundet, Production grant
2015 Ostrobothnian Arts council, Production grant
2014 Swedish Cultural Foundation, One year working grant
2013 Arts Council of Finland, Production grant
2012 V.W Drygsbäck Foundation, Production grant
2012 Swedish Cultural Foundation, One year working grant
2011 AVEK, Production grant
2011 Arts Council of Finland, Production grant
2011 The Grönqvist Foundation, Award

2016 10 day research residency at SPAM!, Porcari, Italy
2016 5 weeks residency, Villa Karo, Benin
2013 One month residency, Berlin, Arts Council of Ostrobothnia
2011 Three month residency, Firestation Artists studios, Dublin
2011 Six week residency, Negromonte estudio, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
2003 Two months residency in New York, Finnish Foundation of Visual arts in the United States
2002 One month residency in Studio FKSE, Budapest
2000 Residency at Hangar, Barcelona

Works in collections
Helsinki City Art Museum
Museum of Ostrobothnia
Pro Artibus
Private collections in Finland, Spain, Germany, Holland and Brazil

Collaborative projects
2016 Experimental dance film with choreographer Yuri Bongers
2011 After Running, film installation with Miha Erman in Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Vaasa
2010 CFL at Trajector Art Fair in Brussels
2010 CFL – Land vi ha, part of the exhibition Ö, Elverket, Tammisaari
2009 CFL in Istanbul
2009 CFL in Kirkenes, Training Camp, Norway
2007 CFL in Venice, in collaboration with Hüseyin Alptekin for the Turkish Pavillion at 52nd Venice Biennale,
and performance at the panel discussion Fare well Welfare, arranged by FRAME

2016 The dead walk side by side with the living, 22:12, HD stereo
2014 The dead walk side by side with the living – Chapter two, 11:50, HD, 5.1
2012 Drifted, 5:00, HD, stereo
2012 Journey, 5:50, HD, stereo
2011 Wald, 6:45, RED/HD stereo
2011 Interim, 4:35, HD stereo
2009 Night Walk, 8’00, stereo
2009 One Afternoon, 4’40, silent
2008 Room with a view, site-specific video installation, 40:00
2003 Högskäre, video verité, DVD,14’30,
2003 Devoted to magic, (part of installation), video verité, DVD, 3’17
2001 Looking back, animation of line drawing, DVD, 0’22
2000 Silent pleasure, animation of line drawing, DVD, loop (original sequence 0’10)
2000 Learning to swim, animation of line drawing, DVD, loop (original sequence 0’05)
2000 Adjustments, animation of line drawing, DVD, loop (original sequence 0’10)

The Dead Walk Side by Side with the Living, John Cunningham, 2016
On the temporality of dense moments, Kati Kivinen, 2016
Människan som slet sig loss från det vilda, Helen Korpak, HBL 2016
Interview in Taide & Design 2012, Maaria Niemi
Encounters on your disposal, Martí Peran, February 2003 at
Chus, Martínez, in catalogue of VOSTESTAQUI, La Virreina, part of la Triennal 2001, Barcelona

Engagement in artist-run organisation
Platform: an artist association in Vaasa, Finland; gallery 2000-09; artist’s residency since 2004;
organises performance festivals, exhibitions, seminars, events. Until 2005 it was run by a project manager,
since then organised on a voluntary basis by the board.
Board member and active in the organization since the start; coordinator 2007-2010; Co-editor of publication ‘Don’t look back’ 2011;
Curator of Platform’s exhibition‘Territory’ at Alt_Cph 2008, Platform for Nordic non-profit spaces, Denmark;
Co-organised seminar Out on the Edge 2006; Project manager 2001

2014 Invited to Grosses treffen, meeting with curators at Nordic embassies, Berlin
2010 Participated in LOIKKA pro2010, workshop on dance film, by Alla Kovgan, USA/RU / David Hinton, UK
2010 Participated in workshop on 16 mm, at, London
2003 Artist of the month, February,
2003 Coordinator of national and project group in GARBA (young artists residency in Basilicata, IT)
2002-04 Board member of Pro Artibus Art foundation
2000-2010 Board member of Platform

Av-arkki – Finnish distribution centre for media art, Artist associations Muu ry, Platform ry and VEGAP