Three persons met last time many years ago. The encounter is emotionally charged, no words are spoken. It’s as if they play a game where they’re not sure who the fourth one is. The tensions between the main characters is captured by a floating camera and supported by an eerie soundtrack. Wald experiments with point of view, suggesting that also the forest has a spirit of it’s own.

Shooting format_RED
Screening format_DCP_mov_BD
Year of production_2011

Cinematography_Piers McGrail
Steadicam operator_Johannes Holweg
Editors_Edon Rizvanolli_Maria Ångerman
Sound design_Miha Erman
Color grading_Teo Riznar
Cast_Aurora Kellermann_Daniel Schröder_Niklas Stahl

The video was shot in Wandlitz, Berlin, Germany.
Supported by_The Arts Council of Finland_The Grönqvist Foundation
Co-produced by_Nuframe