The Dead Walk Side by Side with the Living

Inspired by Margaret Duras’ play Agatha, juxtaposing images of humans to those of animals, the film is a cinematic meditation on loss of control. Built around three disparate scenes, it sets up a sense of disorientation to heighten the possibility of inhabiting a different perspective.

The project is conceived both as a one channel film as well as an installation in three projections. In the installation the part of the chimpanzees runs as a loop, while the other two parts are presented alternately.

The installation was exhibited in Galleri Huuto in Helsinki in June 2016 accompanied by the essay by John Cunningham.

Pdf of catalogue:

Year: 2016
Length of film: 22:12
Length of installation: loop of 11:00 + 9:13 + 7:15
Screening format: HQProRes, stereo, 16:9
Language: German, English, Spanish