In my artistic practice I explore our relationship to the natural world. Existential themes of loss, survival and belonging are central. There is a recurring focus on the liminal – whether in-between places or boundaries, or beings with characteristics that more easily can cross those boundaries.

My practice encompasses a wide range of media, including methods related to filmmaking, photography, drawing, literature and participatory projects. Recently, I have focused primarily on film, both digital and analogue, as well as various photographic processes that explore a haptic quality. For the work The Dead Walk Side by Side with the Living I developed an approach that I called “a visuality of presence”. The space and the other are recorded through a slow, slightly moving camera, where the framing reveals the other bit by bit, which together with an active searching focus creates an illusion of tactility, a haptic image. It is a personified gaze, where the framing often stays in close-up, and stems from an intention to coexist with the object rather than to isolate and observe. In the work The Last Breath of the Snow, both the camera and the microphone become actors who, in this quest for presence, almost become part of the landscape, an immersiveness made possible by the devices, while, as machines, they simultaneously create a distance, a rectification.

My method of working is organic and relational. The processual approach in the method is guided by an intuitive sense, taking into consideration circumstance and external participation. The editing – and simultaneously the scripting – process becomes a way to create connections between different storylines. Hence the work is a continuous creative process of discovering the work. My practice oscillates in a delicate territory between documentary fact and poetic fiction.