Nostalgia (working title)

Project in development.

What is it that ties us to the land, the actual place, where we were born and grew up? Is it simply a longing to revive the memories from the youth? Or could there possibly be something in the landscape, in the nature – the smell of the soil, or those particular trees that grew around the house – a subconscious communication with the surroundings that makes us (want to) return?

The word ‘nostalgia’ originates from the two Greek words ‘nostos’ and ‘algos’, which means ‘return home’ and ‘pain’. My personal story of having lived in several countries over the years, searching for a place where I can create a home, has possibly contained more pain than those of my fellow country men and women who crossed the bay some 50 years ago and settled in Sweden where work was offered, without further search. However, seeing them return every summer to the houses or lands where they grew up, like clockwork, I had to try to find out what it is. Contrasting their own super 8 footage from the 70’s to newly shot material along with voices from interviews from a number of Finnish migrants, I’m setting out on a quest to describe that nostalgia.