The project is a reflection on the threats of ecological disruption that modern human activities have unleashed. It reflects adaptability and survival, and is made in response to the situation around the city of Saint Louis in Senegal, endangered both by a rising sea level and floodings from the river.

The project was initiated on a residency at Waaw in Saint Louis 2022. It contains a hand made artist book, photo collages, medium format photographs, as well as the video installation In the Intimacy of Strangers.

Wretched Flesh
Wretched Body
Zircon Skin
Golden Remains
Intimate Strangers I
Grievers, Oracles and One-Eyed Poets

Lifelines of time drawn in the sand

Hand made artist book, 2024.
Photography, collages, texts, graphic design: Maria Ångerman
Essay: Taru Elfving
Format: hand made open book (main accordion + 3 posters + 2 accordions) with enclosure.
Pages: c. 55
Dimensions: 21 × 21cm closed (21 x 189 cm open)
Binding: glued, folded
Process: ink-jet, laser and hand painted details
Paper: 170gsm matte paper, 120gsm recycled offset paper
Edition: 7
ISBN: 978-1-7396192-5-1
Publishers: msdm publications and parallel productions