I am a visual artist and filmmaker. My artistic practice explores the human relationship with the natural world and the concept of nature, and focuses on liminal spaces and beings. I investigate and speculate on what happens when two elements meet and how the moving boundary to another element can be shaped by the different encounters it generates. Existential themes of belonging, adaptability and survival are at the heart of my work, that oscillates in a delicate territory between documentary fact and poetic fiction.

My practice encompasses a wide range of media, including methods related to filmmaking, photography, drawing and participatory projects. Recently my main focus has been on film, both digital and analogue, as well as alternative photographic processes that explore a haptic quality.

For the film “The Dead Walk Side by Side with the Living”, I developed an approach that I called ‘the visuality of presence’. The space and the other are recorded using a slow, slightly moving camera, where the framing reveals the other little by little, which, combined with an active search, creates an illusion of tactility, a haptic image. It is a personified gaze, where the framing often remains in close-up, and stems from an intention to coexist with the object rather than isolate and observe it. In “Last Breath of Snow”, the camera and microphone also become actors who, in this quest for presence, almost become part of the landscape, an immersiveness made possible by the devices, while as machines, they also create a distance, a rectification.

My working method is organic and relational. The processual approach to the method is guided by an intuitive sense, taking into account circumstances and outside participation. The editing, or the assembling of parts, becomes a means of creating links between different storylines, and becomes simultaneously the scripting process. The work therefore becomes an ongoing creative process of discovering the film, in the midst of the abundance of material.