The Dead Walk Side by Side with the Living

The film is a cinematic meditation on how we have distanced ourselves from nature. Inspired by Margaret Duras’ play Agatha, juxtaposing images of humans to those of animals, it reflects on the loss of control. Built around three disparate scenes, it sets up a sense of disorientation to heighten the possibility of inhabiting a different perspective.

The project is conceived both as a one channel film as well as an installation in three projections. In the installation the part of the chimpanzees runs as a loop, while the other two parts are presented alternately.

The installation was exhibited in Galleri Huuto in Helsinki in June 2016 accompanied by the essay by John Cunningham.

Pdf of catalogue, that contains the essay of Cunningham as well as an essay by Kati Kivinen, On the Temporality of Dense Moments:

Year: 2016
Length of film: 22:12
Length of installation: loop of 11:00 + 9:13 + 7:15
Screening format: HQProRes, stereo, 16:9
Language: German, English, Spanish