Beau Travail

(working title)

Short film in progress

A short film about a fisherman and his spiritual relationship to the sea. He’s part of a group of fishermen that aren’t just carrying out a heavy labor, while doing it they’re dancing and singing, asking the divinity of the sea to give them food. 

The film is partly an immersive dance film following the work of the fishermen, partly it takes the shape of a roadmovie while going to the main character’s father’s birthplace in Ghana to look for characters for the film. In the end, however, it becomes a portrait of a multi-talented artist whose roots and pride in the fishing are strong. The songs are brought all the way to Finland, where he’s about to go in search for a more simple life.

The film reflects also the relationship between the maker and the object, as it includes the discussion carried out between the two during editing and how he sees himself, through the eyes of the maker.

The film investigates animism, identity and migration.