Beach Beings

13 photo collages, 32×45 cm, 2022

Part of a larger body of work called The Beach that was initiated at a residency at Waaw in Saint Louis, Senegal. It’s based on investigations in the tidal area where the relationships taking place in this liminal space are in focus.
The series of collages that is playing with proportions, is based on photos of debris, seemingly inert material found in the tidal area, such as parts of dead sea animals, plants or man-made objects. While concentrating the work on this particular territory, the malfunctioning trash collection was difficult to ignore, but rather than focusing on it, the series is suggesting new life forms. The collages reflect on survival, how we are part of nature, and that eventually also the plastic will become part of us.

Exhibitied at Chez Dasso in Saint Louis within the frame of the OFF programme of the Dakar Biennale in May 2022.

The work is part of Troubled Landscapes.